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How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business

It’s 2018, and the need for a digital presence has become instrumental. Businesses need to make certain that their company stays top of mind when it comes to decision making. But how? With social media growing every minute, there’s no better time than now to give your business the mass audience and engagement that only social media can provide.
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Helping to Build a Sustainable Future

The people at Habitat for Humanity do more than build homes for families in need, they build a more promising future for people around the world.
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Trends in Community Living

The lifestyle dynamics for consumers are changing and there is a high demand for things that make life easier, extending to travel, online shopping, and even their living situations. The desire for a simplified lifestyle has provided a rise in community living.
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Top 3 Trends to Watch in Commercial Design for 2018

There are 3 popular movements that you should pay attention to when it comes to trends in commercial design for 2018: Virtual reality and technology, smart glass, and resilience by design.
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A Colorfully Modern Twist on Tradition

Cambridge, Massachusetts might not be the first place you would think to look for modern architecture, but innovative design knows no bounds, making its way into some of the storied city’s traditional and upscale neighborhoods.
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Crafting a Streetscape in Hallsley

Developed by East West Communities, Hallsley features 800 homes located in Midlothian, Virginia.
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