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Marketing Tips to Maintain Your Contracting Business Through the Pandemic

While this is a challenging time for many in the building industry, there are ways to adapt your business to the changing conditions. Here are a few ideas you can implement now to help your business in the short term and thrive later on.

Ease Homeowner Concerns
Make it safe (and easy) for homeowners to do business with you. Here are a few tools you can use while adhering to social distancing practices:

  • Video consultations
    • Zoom
    • GoToMeeting
    • Facetime
    • Google Hangouts
  • Digital visualization/documents
    • Renoworks
    • Hover
    • Docusign (or your CRM) for estimates, contracts, warranty info, etc
Add Value
Find ways to help homeowners get more value from working with you. Here are a few ideas to consider:
  • Financing
    • 12 months at 0% financing
    • Ask your finance partner for promo offers
    • Payment plans
  • Special Offers
    • “Lowest price of the year”
    • Gift card for a virtual consultation or signing a contract in the next 30 days
    • Ask your manufacturers for discounts you can pass along to the homeowner
Promote Your Business
Ensure that homeowners are aware that you’re still in business and operating during this time. 
  • Update Your Website
    • Explain the new safety practices you have adopted to ease any concerns by adding a message bar or another kind of pop-up to make your message stand out
    • Update your “contact us” page with virtual meeting information
    • Update or add a “special offers” page
    • Add a special message from the owner
  • Social Media
    • Promote new communication options such as virtual consultations 
    • Incentivize homeowners with a promotion or special financing
    • Highlight manufacturer discounts that are available
    • Show how you’re supporting the community
    • Provide weekly video updates on projects
    • Discover more social media best practices
  • Email Marketing

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