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Key Strategies to Win More Business with Remote Measurements and Designs

The push to be more digital has made it more difficult for contractors to rely on traditional business development efforts, and has accelerated the move toward remote methods.

Fortunately, solutions like the HOVER Design Pro are emerging to help you overcome the challenges of an increasingly digital world. 

Here are a few ways you can use the tool to win more business, speed up your workflow, and position yourself as a premium option in a competitive environment.  

Supercharge Your Virtual Consultations

In the past, a virtual consultation with a contractor was out of the ordinary to say the least. If you told a homeowner you were going to call them on “Zoom” or “GotoMeeting,” they might have gone with the other guy.

Now that many homeowners have experienced the ease and convenience of virtual meetings, it’s less of an objection.

The real challenge now is initiating that virtual meeting and engaging the homeowner just as you would if you were face-to-face at their kitchen table.

When you schedule a virtual call with a new lead, use the James Hardie HOVER Design Pro tool to order remote measurements, a realistic visualization, and 3D model. 

On the video call, you can show the homeowner the interactive designs of their home. You’ll also be able to give them an accurate quote based on the measurements you already have in hand.


Take the opportunity to dazzle them with premium products from James Hardie, as well as additional products such as roofing, windows, and doors to complete the look and upsell the job.

By providing the homeowner with interactive designs, you are setting the standard for the premium experience they will receive when they choose to do business with you.

Build Your Exterior Design Portfolio 

Before and after photos are a mainstay of a contractor’s design portfolio. 

They look great on your website, on social media, in case studies, and brochures. So why not “amp up” your portfolio by adding the design step in the middle?

This allows you to show your prospective customers what you do and the design process they will receive by selecting your business.

Instead of traditional before and after photos, consider building a case study that shows the entire process (the before photo, the design renderings in both photorealistic detail and 3D, and the after photo). This will help inspire your prospect to transform their own home and guide their own design ideas.

Start using the James Hardie HOVER Design Pro in your sales process today. Your prospects will love the added detail and see that working with you will be an enjoyable, premium, and safe experience.

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