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Building Pro Matt Risinger Explains His Entire Siding Installation

When it comes to the outside of his personal house, building professional Matt Risinger is trusting the performance of a fiber cement exterior by James Hardie. Based on the decades long experiences he’s had with the product, he said there was nothing else he’d want.

“I’ve had a real affinity for James Hardie’s fiber cement for going on 20 years now … I started using it 20 years ago when I was building in Portland, Oregon. It’s got a multiple decade track record of good success for me,” Risinger said. “Down here in Texas where we get blazing sun and it was minus five a couple weeks ago, my siding looks fantastic.”

Risinger designed his home exterior in a two-tone color scheme, using 6.25” smooth HardiePlank® lap siding with ColorPlus® Technology in Arctic White as the main siding material. He finished the corners and windows with HardieTrim® boards in Night Gray. As an accent material in his porch area, he installed Artisan® shiplap siding in a vertical application.

In the video, Risinger goes through all of the details of a basic Hardie® siding and trim installation, addressing joints, flashing, caulking, nail placement, touch ups, and offering tips and insights for jobsite efficiency along the way.

All of those installation details add up to an incredible look on Risinger’s home. “When you get these details right and nail it … the house absolutely sings,” he said.

Risinger also notes that Hardie® siding and trim with ColorPlus Technology can be installed in warm/humid and cold temperatures alike. That gives builders and contractors the freedom to continue their work no matter the season.

Contractors and builders can find all of the resources necessary for a successful installation of Hardie siding and trim products in our best practice guides and in the official installation instructions.
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