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Work Smarter with these 9 General Contractor Apps

Time is money, and you only have so many working hours in the day. By implementing just one or two general contractor apps into your business, you can work smarter, not harder.

That means using technology to do things like turning two, or three, site visits into one; monitoring four projects simultaneously from one location; or having a central salesperson deliver six presentations in one day without ever having to go anywhere.

To help you make the most of your time, here are nine general contractor apps that can help streamline your business operations.

This is more than an app, and even more than general contractor software – MarketSharp can be the engine that drives your business. In addition to its central Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functions, it also gives contractors, remodelers and home service pros the ability to generate estimates, schedule tasks, manage leads, and track projects. It also has a massive menu of marketing features including automated jobsite radius marketing, automatic email lead nurturing, online reputation management, and a streamlined system that allows you to maximize repeat business.

In this webinar from MarketSharp, you'll get strategies being used by a number of contractors who are knocking it out of the park in 2020. Watch the recording.

Visualize your work for clients before you do it and get measurements in the same process. RenoWorks uses photo-realistic imagery from home visualization software and pairs it with a huge inventory of real building products to help you set expectations. Plus, you can get started with just an address and eliminate a property visit. For more information on using a tool like this, read these three strategies on how to win more business with remote measurement and design.

Communicate with your customers in an organized way. Hatch empowers your team to manage and automate sales messaging across text, email, social media, and phone from a single platform, which also logs your efforts. That means you can speed up your response time, rehash unsold leads, and keep customers informed throughout their buying journey. It also connects with many CRMs, including MarketSharp.

Don’t tell your clients about the project, show them with a 3D home model built from smartphone photos. Hover gives you the tool you need to help homeowners see their roof, siding, or window project, while also gathering measurements and other information for the job. Additionally, you can have homeowners take photos of their own property to enable remote estimates, or to help you better prepare materials for the initial meeting.

Turn your quote or estimate forms into sales presentation tools. That’s the value promise from SumoQuote. The platform allows contractors to present customized quote decks generated from photos, pre-set templates, and optional marketing pages (for your exceptional testimonials) – all with your logo and branding front and center. The platform also tracks your bids so you can follow up and keep tabs on your win percentage.

At its core, CompanyCam is akin to a visual news feed for your contracting business. It allows you to see what’s going on with your projects from just about anywhere. While it might be easy to classify it as a photo management system, it’s not. Think of it more as a visual/virtual jobsite management tool. The software provides an easy solution for real-time project updates, before and after picture generation, shareable photo reports, document scanning, and more.

Digital Meeting Platforms
If you want to try central sales, or expand your remote consultation capabilities, you’ll need to connect with customers virtually. Zoom, GoToMeeting, Join.Me are all great options to explore. While they will all allow you to connect with customer via webcam, they offer different advanced features. For example, Join.Me provides options like file transfers, and the ability to do on-screen annotations. Whichever platform you choose, be sure to test your internet connection, take steps to look your best, and engage your customer during your presentation.

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