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6-Part Series: How to Build a Resilient Contracting Business

History has taught us that many of the greatest businesses build into themselves during challenging times, only to soar to new heights when they come out on the other side. In Breakthrough Academy’s “How to Build a Resilient Business” webinar series, we break down the fundamentals that smart businesses lean on in times of uncertainty. As an added bonus, each session comes with a bundle of powerful BTA resources that make
implementation simple and straightforward.

If you’d rather thrive than simply survive, join us for this multipart series and get the essential business systems you need to navigate intelligently.

  • Benji Carlson, Assessment Specialist, Breakthrough Academy
  • Danny Kerr, Managing Partner, Breakthrough Academy
Webinar 1: How to Build a Resilient Contracting Business
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Is your business feeling more vulnerable than you’d like it to right now? The reality is that most contractors are idea-driven problem solvers who know how to get results quickly, but lack the knowledge and implementation skills needed to structure their companies for long term success and stability; even in the face of unpredictable economic fluctuations. Join us to get some battle-tested infrastructure that transforms you from a doer-of-all-things to a builder of great systems and a leader of great people.

Learn how to navigate through this transition, and what it takes to truly work on your business. Resource giveaways include:
  • An implementation checklist outlining all the systems a healthy company needs
  • A simple take-home exercise to help you clarify your own business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
Webinar 2: How to Know Your Business Numbers
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Does it ever feel like you're running your business blindfolded, with hard-to-read financial tracking systems that make it difficult to make decisions? Now more than ever, understanding your business’s key metrics and what to do with the information they provide is critical. Having a clear dashboard with accurate data allows you to peer into the future, stay nimble, and make course corrections in a timely fashion. In this “How to Know Your Business Numbers” session, Benji and Danny from Breakthrough Academy will shed light on how to start running a data-driven business; they will also share tools to help you implement this change.

You’ll get tactics and free tools to:
  • Track the most important metrics in your company
  • Use last year’s data to benchmark goals for next year
  • Understand the simplest and most effective tracking systems to use
There will be on-air Q&A, so get your best questions ready.

Webinar 3: How to Build a High Performing Sales Team 
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Are you frustrated by mediocre sales results? Does it seem like some salespeople get it done while the rest spin their wheels? Finding someone with the killer instinct you want and the values you need is like looking for a needle in a haystack; then comes the challenge of erasing bad habits, training your sales process, and holding accountability to goals. Building a high performing sales team is one of the hardest but most
rewarding challenges entrepreneurs must overcome when building their businesses. The fact is that your growth will always be limited if you’re the one closing every deal. Join Breakthrough Academy for their “How to Build a High Performing Sales Team” Webinar, and start building a sales team that truly rocks!

You’ll get free access to:
  • The traits and attributes that all great salespeople share
  • An easy to use sales planning tool that breaks down annual goals into weekly targets
  • A step-by-step sales process you can train your salespeople with
Benji will answer your questions live, so have them ready.

Webinar 4: How to Create ROI from Every Role
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It’s common that we, as business owners, can overestimate how clearly we’re communicating what we want from our employees, leading to less than stellar performance and frustration for everyone involved. Creating a clearly defined organizational structure that outlines who does what and how to do it is one of the most
important pieces of infrastructure that you can build into your business. Without this, people spend time on pet projects while the important results you hired them to achieve are missed. In this webinar, “How To Create ROI From Every Role,” Benji Carlson from Breakthrough Academy will cover a proven framework to inject your business with structure and clarity.

You’ll also get the following tools:
  • Example Organizational Structures for companies like yours and a step-by-step process for building your own
  • An example Employment Agreement you can take home and use in YOUR business
Webinar 5: How to be a Strong Leader in Turbulent Times
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Strong and stable leadership is needed now more than ever; the economic uncertainty and threat to public health brought upon us by Coronavirus set the world spinning this March, and while there are some signs of optimism, we aren’t out of the woods yet. In the meantime, your business needs you to analyze information, make decisions, and act with purpose, while your people are looking to you for guidance, insight, and hope. We know that being a leader is often draining and lonely; in this webinar, “How To Be A Strong Leader in Turbulent Times,” Breakthrough Academy will share what we’ve learned about how to be a strong leader, especially in turbulent times.

You’ll learn core concepts, including:
  • How to be deeply present for your people
  • The principles of situational leadership
  • How to keep your batteries fully charged
This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Webinar 6: How to Build Your Quarterly Strategic Plan
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Do you have a long list of initiatives and projects you’ve been meaning to complete in your business? Does it feel like you talk a lot about the ways you want to improve your company, but never have the space to actually do it? Let’s be real, running a business is time-consuming! There is an endless list of tasks to complete, people to talk to, and problems to solve. You know you need to work ON your business but you’re too busy working IN your business. The truth is that most contractors have a blind spot: they have not been taught the disciplined goal setting and time management skills needed to execute the vision they have in their mind's eye.

Join us for the final installment of Breakthrough Academy ’s “How to Build a Resilient Business” series, where we’ll show you:
  • The framework for setting S.M.A.R.T. goals for your organization
  • The easy to use One-Page-Strategic Planning tool you can take home and use
  • The power of block scheduling and how the highest performers use it to take back control of their time and get more done with less
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