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Finding Success With The James Hardie Contractor Alliance Program

Standing behind our growing contractor base is a top priority for James Hardie. That’s why we developed the Contractor Alliance™  Program (CAP), a multiple-level program that combines sales support, marketing tools like lead generation, and installer training to help our members grow and differentiate their business in the highly competitive siding market. The CAP provides the resources, support, and the confidence that contractors need to take their business to the next level. 

Contract Exteriors knows the value of membership in James Hardie’s CAP. Their business, which started in 2009, serves the greater Carolina coastline from their four locations in Raleigh, Charlotte, Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head. The Contract Exteriors team has covered countless home exteriors over the years and has recently put more emphasis on their remodeling business.

Program Evolution Yields Contractor Growth

Contract Exteriors has seen tremendous growth since it joined the James Hardie® CAP in 2011. Randy Hann, owner of Contract Exteriors, says the program has provided his business with exceptional support, which has yielded outstanding results. Their year-over-year results are prime examples: in 2017, the company completed 47 jobs featuring James Hardie® siding; in 2018, that number jumped to 110, making Contract Exteriors one of the fastest growing member of the James Hardie CAP in the Southeast. Hann squarely credits this remarkable growth to the support received from James Hardie’s CAP.  

With the evolution of the CAP over these past few years to a richer, more dedicated, hands-on support system with five different levels of membership, Hann calls his company’s continued participation “a no-brainer.” 

“The support we’ve received just keeps getting better. It's not even a question in our business whether to partner with James Hardie. Being in the Contractor Alliance™ Program makes all the sense in the world.”

In fact, Contract Exteriors was so successful in 2018, they were invited to the CAP’s President’s Club, a distinction given to only about 20 contractors annually. This year’s reward included a trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. “We had a really great 2018, and we’re looking forward to an even better 2019,” he adds.

Program Advantages

From networking with other contractors across the nation at the annual James Hardie Contractor’s Summit, to the personal relationships with James Hardie’s sales representatives, the program provides a wealth of resources and support.

 “It's not one thing,” Hann said. “Whether it's a direct mail campaign through their Marketing Zone, or the training modules included in the comprehensive CAP website, the James Hardie program helps us so much with getting our installers completely up to speed, with neighborhood and community events, home shows, game planning, you name it. They help us with everything.” 

As an Elite Preferred level member of the James Hardie Contractor Alliance Program, Contract Exteriors finds itself at a unique advantage when talking to homeowners, armed with the extra layer of knowledge and trust. Hann shares that their relationship with James Hardie, and specifically with the CAP, means they can tell prospective clients that Contract Exteriors produces the product they’re looking for with superior expertise and consistency. 

“We've been able to garner the awards and the recognition we have because of our relationship with James Hardie. What they can do to support your business, can far outweigh what you can do on your own.”

See how the James Hardie Contractor Alliance™ Program can help you take your business to the next level, by visiting, or if you just want to learn more about the program, contact your local James Hardie Sales Representative by calling 877-336-2339 Ext. 2 or e-mail [email protected]

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