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Bringing New Life To An East Coast Oceanside Condo Complex

Cape Manor Condominiums sit eight blocks from the Atlantic Ocean, a feature that has drawn seasonal and full-time residents alike. Its proximity to the coast also exposes the 24-unit property to above-average precipitation, which eventually led to trouble with the building’s original cedar siding.

Built in the mid-1980s, Cape Manor was clad in cedar shake (shingles) traditionally associated with resort properties on the Eastern Seaboard. Throughout the first 10 years, the exterior of the building faced persistent problems with rotting siding and trim. Units on the southern, ocean-facing side also showed signs of sun and water damage at a faster rate than units on the northern side.

“From a weathering standpoint, we had a lot of decay,” said Bill Angstadt, a 26-year member of the homeowners association.

Cape Manor’s cedar shakes were replaced in 2000. By 2016, much of the second generation of cedar siding had already deteriorated. Additionally, the wood had attracted carpenter bees, which built hives under shingles and trim throughout the property.

The homeowners association again needed to replace Cape Manor’s siding. In 2017, they undertook a full exterior renovation, partnering with Cape May, New Jersey-based WKR Custom Builders to find products that would provide a long-lasting solution in the wet coastal climate while retaining the traditional coastal style.

“This time around, there was no question,” Angstadt said. “We were going to go with James Hardie.”

The association chose HardieShingle® straight edge panel to maintain the natural aesthetic of classic cedar shakes — but with lower maintenance, superior durability, and better overall climate performance. They completed the look with HardiePlank® lap siding and HardieTrim® boards. 

Cape Manor’s exterior is now protected by siding and trim products that are Engineered for Climate®, with proprietary components uniquely formulated to withstand wet or freezing conditions in the North and to resist shrinking, swelling cracking and damage from mold. The siding and trim products also feature long-lasting ColorPlus® Technology specifically engineered to help resist damaging UV rays and help keep color vibrant, even in coastal conditions.

For Cape Manor, the result is a refreshed exterior that satisfies seasonal and full-time residents’ requirement for low-maintenance siding and trim products that will retain their color and strength.

“It’s really been a positive experience to do the whole building and get everything right. The James Hardie® product is going to give us a uniformity across the building that we were unable to maintain before.” said Angstadt.

HardiePlank® Lap Siding in Light Mist
HardieShingle® Siding in Boothbay Blue 
HardieTrim® Boards in Arctic White
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