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How 2 Builders Used James Hardie Products for ‘the Nicest Siding Job Yet’

When homebuilders Adam and Anthony Requia start a new project, they set the bar high and overlook no details.

Originally from Maine, the two brothers co-own Brush and Hammer Builders along with their father, Phil Requia, who founded the company in 2003.

The Requias build about 15 high-end, luxury homes every year in the Northeast. They are passionate about producing homes that are as durable as they are beautiful.

However, the brothers were hitting a wall with their exterior siding materials. They were using engineered-wood products, but were unhappy with the appearance of their finished homes. The brothers didn’t like that they had to budget time and money for follow up work. They also got a minimal level of service from their manufacturer partner.

From an appearance perspective, their biggest issue was the large gaps they were required to leave, as much as 3/16-inch, to accommodate expansion between the wood-based siding planks.

“They were really, highly visible,” Anthony said. “To a homeowner who doesn’t understand the process or the expansion, it looks terrible, to be honest. Dirt was getting in the caulking and we would paint it but then it wouldn’t match the siding.”

A Better Alternative

The Requias knew they needed to explore alternatives to find a more attractive, yet durable material. They had heard about James Hardie® siding through the grapevine and had some preconceived notions, which made them apprehensive at first.

Anthony was impressed by James Hardie’s high-end reputation, and had seen the product used successfully on West Coast houses, but needed to know more about what it could do for them in the Northeast.

That’s when David Elkas, the James Hardie representative for Northern New England, met the brothers at one of their construction sites at Village Run in Yarmouth, Maine.

Elkas offered to teach the Requias about the product and how it’s specifically engineered to stand up to the harsh Northeast climate, address any questions or concerns, and provide jobsite support.

After speaking with Elkas, the brothers decided to give James Hardie a try – and they have been happy with the results.

Business Benefits of James Hardie Products

By switching to James Hardie products the brothers no longer have to worry about leaving large, unsightly gaps between plank joints. With James Hardie siding, they can install planks with moderate contact between butt joints.

This installation practice has also helped them save time and money because they no longer need to follow up with work like touch-up painting.

Plus, the overall improved appearance has helped them further develop their reputation for craftsmanship and quality, which they achieve through attention to detail and by collaborating with the most elite industry partners.

The team has received positive feedback on the clean look of their houses with James Hardie siding. They prefer to use the smooth HardiePlank® lap siding, which is a great fit for their aesthetic; it adds a contemporary flare to elements of traditional New England design.

“Everybody who has seen it has said to us, ‘This is the nicest siding job yet,’” said Anthony. 

Experience with James Hardie Service

Adam said a big factor in making the switch was the level of support Brush and Hammer received from the James Hardie team. While their previous partner had never visited them on-site, Elkas provided resources for the team to be successful with the switch, including ongoing jobsite assistance, product support, and installation expertise and training.

Brush and Hammer has built two houses with James Hardie siding and has several more in the works. The choice has yielded positive results that surpassed their expectations.

“Moving forward as we try to use the best products and materials, you’re going to see a lot more Jamie Hardie on our homes,” said Anthony.

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