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How to Install Staggered Edge HardieShingle® Siding

Whether you’re using it to side an entire house, or just a small portion, here are general instructions on how to install staggered edge HardieShingle® Siding.

First, you’ll want to start at one end and work across the wall. Then, install a 1-1/4-inch starter strip and an 8-1/4-inch starter course. Be sure to align the bottom edges of trim and siding for best appearance. 

Remember, a 1/4-inch clearance must be maintained between siding and trim, and leave a 1/8-inch gap between siding and trim.

Next, cut the bottom of a panel to create a straight edge for the first row. Alternatively, you can purchase straight edge panel HardieShingle for the first row. Install your first row per the recommended best practices.

Before installing additional rows, snap chalk lines, stacking them horizontally every 6-inches up the wall, measuring from the top of the first row.
  • Measure and cut 16-inches off the first piece of the second row.
  • Install a 32-inch panel on the second row, using the cut end to abut the trim.
  • Measure and cut 32-inches off the first piece of the third row, saving the cut pieces to use on the other end of the wall.
  • Install a 16-inch panel on the third row.
  • Continue following a stair-step pattern up the wall to establish proper positioning.
You may add a pin back if the siding is not laying down on the wall (use a 2-inch gauge, straight finish nail). Pin backs should be added 3/4-inch up from the bottom edge of the panel and at least 3/8-inch from the ends of the panel.

For more detailed information on installation, please refer to the HardieShingle Siding best installation practices guide, which you should keep for reference on every job.
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