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James Hardie has evaluated several combinations of tools for ease of use,
durability and value, whether you follow Table 1 or choose the performance option.


Affordable Options

There are many cost-effective circular saw and vacuum options that meet Table 1 requirements for cutting fiber cement. Even if you do invest in higher-end tools, the total cost per job is low. Using a cost per square foot metric, it’s less than a penny per square foot. Plus, you could potentially cut costs by using a vacuum to extend the life of your tools and reduce cleanup and housekeeping time.

If you choose the performance option, James Hardie has evaluated several types of miter saws, panel saws and fans you can use in conjunction with our exposure monitoring report summaries to help you comply.

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Cutting Station Best Practices

Setting up your cutting station correctly is just as important as selecting the right tools. James Hardie has collaborated with a number of installers to identify easy setups that are effective, affordable and will help you meet OSHA’s compliance standards. Should you have any questions, we’re prepared to assist crews on-site.

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Proper Setup for a Cut Station Video
Proper Setup for a Cut Station Video
You can also find full instructions and best practices by downloading the Cutting Station Setup Guide.

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Tool Options

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